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 +===== Interactive Systems and Instrument Design in Music Working Group =====
 +The Working Group on Interactive Systems and Instrument Design in Music  (ISIDM) is a web resource that aims at compiling references on new interfaces for musical expression, specifically interface design, mapping strategies, sensors and actuators, interactive performance,​ software tools and the history of musical interfaces and systems.
 +It started during the 2000 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC2000) and has been recently moved into the Sensorwiki to allow for more flexible editing possibilities.
 +The ISIDM WG is an invaluable tool for researchers,​ students and reviewers in that is brings to the public a list of references in the CMJ format (Computer Music Journal), an introductory session with guidelines for starting research in one topic, as well as online references to works in the field.
 +It is our aim that the community at large participate in this effort to compile references (printed and online) on these various fields.
 +  * [[ISIDM: About the group | The ISIDM organizers]]
 +  * [[http://​www.jiscmail.ac.uk/​lists/​isidm.html|ISIDM Mailing List]]
 +===== Main Topics =====
 +  * [[ISIDM: Evolution of interactive electronic systems | Evolution of interactive electronic systems]]
 +  * [[ISIDM: Interaction and performance | Interaction & performance]]
 +  * [[ISIDM: Sensors and actuators | Sensors & actuators]]
 +  * [[ISIDM: Interface design | Interface design]]
 +  * [[ISIDM: Mapping | Mapping]]
 +  * [[ISIDM: Software tools | Software tools]]
 +  * [[ISIDM: Dance technology | Dance technology]]
 +===== Publications =====
 +  * [[ISIDM:​Publications:​Computer Music]]
 +  * [[ISIDM:​Publications:​Music]]
 +  * [[ISIDM:​Publications:​Engineering]]
 +  * [[ISIDM:​Publications:​Books]]
 +  * [[ISIDM:​Publications:​Web Sites]]